Figurine Blue Lock – Yoichi Isagi – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO


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Figurine Blue Lock – Yoichi Isagi – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO 72.90

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Capturez l’esprit de Yoichi Isagi avec cette Figurine Blue Lock – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO

Plongez au cœur de l’action avec cette Figurine Blue Lock – Yoichi Isagi – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO, incarnant le héros charismatique de l’acclamée série manga et anime. Standing at a proud 16cm, this officially licensed figure magnificently embodies Isagi’s tenacious and skillful nature, providing fans the chance to celebrate their devotion to the Blue Lock saga.

Omniprésent pour tout admirateur, le Figurine Blue Lock – Yoichi Isagi – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO exhibe une posture à la fois fière et résolue. As a joint venture by toy and figurine powerhouses BANDAI NAMCO and BANPRESTO, this collectible not only pays tribute to Isagi’s prowess but also underlines the gripping essence of Blue Lock.

Plongez dans le monde fascinant de Blue Lock avec Yoichi Isagi

Yoichi Isagi, un avant-centre plein d’ambition, rejoint Blue Lock, visant à devenir non seulement le meilleur avant de sa nation mais aussi du monde entier. He’s known for his keen gameplay and knack for goal-making, making him a beloved personality and a driving force within the series’ compelling narrative.

Un hommage au détail et à la qualité

Standing approximately 16cm tall, the figure impresses with its intricate attention to the character’s authentic portrayal. From facial expressions to the folds in his gear, each aspect has been meticulously crafted. The resilient materials and the outstanding finish assure that this high-quality product can withstand handling while maintaining its appeal.

Dynamism and Inspiration Radiate from Isagi’s Pose

This Figurine Blue Lock – Yoichi Isagi – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO embodies the fierce look and unyielding spirit present on the field. The essence of Isagi’s character—strength and high-reaching ambition—is perfectly mirrored in this compelling collectible.

An Ideal Gift for Zealous Blue Lock Fans

It will undoubtedly satisfy collectors thanks to its impeccable design and craftsmanship. Perfectly complementing any Blue Lock collection, this figure stands out amongst other characters, making it a quintessential gift for enthusiasts of the series.

Don’t hesitate to enhance your figurine showcase with this superb Figurine Blue Lock – Yoichi Isagi – BANDAI NAMCO – BANPRESTO. With its unmatched production quality, true-to-character design, and dynamic, inspirational stance, it’s the priceless centerpiece your Blue Lock collection deserves.

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